From Liam Blake aka Emmett of Sean Cody

Emmett was introduced by Sean Cody last March and his scene with Shaw was released 10 days later.



Emmett does live cam shows on Chaturbate as Liam Blake.


A follower of Sean Cody on Twitter, Callingoutgranny, shared a few videos of Liam aka Emmett's live cam shows on Chaturbate.

And, there is even a summary.

Barron of Sean Cody did live cam shows with a guy he is currently dating (tip @ GayGayporn2015)

Barron is the new guy this week at Sean Cody.




He did live cam shows with Ethan Stark.

Barron is now only allowed to do solo live cam shows "... Alex and I (Ethan), are dating and we met back in October of 2015. We are both bisexual (but mostly gay). Alex can no longer appear on camera with anyone else, as he is signed exclusive with an adult film company. His scenes will come out in June or July. Ethan will still be webcamming with others, and yes, Alex does know and is okay with this. Alex will still be doing solo shows, as that is permitted under his contract."


Review on Corbin Fisher's "Evan Pounds Quinn" by Alias74

Corbin Fisher: Evan Pounds Quinn (June 24, 2017, 19:28 minutes)


WOW... Corbin Fisher has the makings of a superstar on their hands in Evan. He may break the CF aesthetic (he's more "Chaos-Broke" with his skater looks, long hair, and ear spacers), but in terms of pure porn performance, he's clearly the Nascar of pro-am models. Evan pounds and splits Quinn open within an inch of his life. Ultimately, the scene loses points for repetitive (read: snooze-worthy) editing and photography, and yes, at points, it feels perfunctory and somewhat lifeless. But watch and you'll see moments of electric chemistry - the eye contact, the kissing, the dirty sex talk - and as I stated, Evan is fuck machine of the first order. Catch the sparks!

(Marginally) WANK WORTHY 

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Corbin Fisher's Zane I, II, III or IV?

Four guys of Corbin Fisher were given the name Zane.

The first Zane of Corbin Fisher was introduced in 2012 via a str8 scene with Danielle. He is still doing porn as Zane Anders (aka Jake Tipton, Elder Buckley etc).


The second Zane at Corbin Fisher was introduced in 2014 and he too only had a str8 scene released.


The third Zane was also introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2014. He had 1 str8 & 3 gay scenes released. He was also known as Ace Stone.




The latest Zane at Corbin Fisher was introduced this year. He had 2 str8 scenes released and his latest is his bisexual scene with Dave (aka Elye Black).



Zane I, II, III or IV?