Gay scenes only for these 4 Corbin Fisher guys introduced in 2017

Last year, Corbin Fisher introduced 49 guys. If my count was correct, 9 guys only did a solo. They were Noah, Logan, Rob, Eli, Isaiah, Clark, Emmett, Bryson & Griffin. 37 guys returned to film a str8 and/or a bisexual scene and out of the 37, 9 guys (Xavier, Beau, Zachary, Evan, Dave, Warren, Troy, Wesley, & Conrad) went on to film a gay scene. And, of the 49 guys, only 4 guys did gay scenes exclusively.





Is there a change of direction this 2018 for Corbin Fisher? The first 2 guys (Kai aka Lucas Leon and Elian) introduced this year, so far, had only gay scenes released.

Happy Valentine's Day from gay porn stars


The OnlyFans version of Cocky Boys is their 1st bareback scene

Gay porn stars such as Austin Wolf & Colton Grey, who both film condom scenes for gay porn studios, have used Only Fans to sell their private bareback sex videos to their fans. 

Cocky Boys is doing a similar version of it with the release of their first bareback scene that starred Boomer Banks and Jack Hunter, who is not new to filming bareback scenes.




According to Cocky Boys "We believe now is the perfect time to help our performers continue to produce and create content that they like, when they like and with whom they like. We are excited and proud to introduce a new curated set of performer-generated content called CockyBoys: Fans Only! A brand new style of content produced by our guys, for fans only."

So, instead of releasing their private bareback sex video via Only Fans, it is done via Cocky Boys. Is testing up to the models?

Changing porn names for Brady of CF, Max Warner of GH & Vadim Covrescu of WH (tips @ geerdo, formermike & Mario)

Brady is the new guy this week at Corbin Fisher


He is not new to gay porn. He was known as Clayton at Military Classified and Matt Grant at Channel 1 Releasing.


He used 2 names for his live cam shows at Chaturbate - Matt Grant & Justin Yurmouth (current).


Justin Yurmouth is currently the name he uses on Twitter & Instagram.

*** geerdo credited WayBig & QMN for the info.


Max Warner was introduced by Gay Hoopla last month. And, he had a str8 scene released on Gay Hoopla's sister site - Hot Guys Fuck.



He is also Cason on Thunders Arena Wrestling.


And, he does live cam shows as Jamie Bronson at Flirt 4 Free.


*** formermike @ Fear of Bliss


Vadim Covrescu is one of the new guys this month at William Higgins.


He is also known as Bastian Karim (or Karimm) for other sites like Bad Puppy & Randy Blue.



Quinn is out of Corbin Fisher, now known as Quin Quire (tip @ Bern)

Quinn was introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2012. He now has over 100 scenes released.









He is now on Twitter as Quin Quire "Adult Film Star, Former Corbin Fisher model looking to continue my career in entertainment."

UPDATE Quinn on why he left Corbin Fisher.